July 17, 2010



My main aim for choosing to bring forward these photographs among a large number of others was the experience. Behind every photograph is an experience or a thought of the subject, which is interesting as often unintentionally this thought is reflected in the expression. I have tried to capture this experience and history behind the face.
i have also tried to see a few images and black and white and contrasting colour to see how the effect of colour changes the way we may perceive the picture

Reel life in macro: a work in process pdf

Capturing scenes in macro

Images are captured on film, to tell a story, to portray someone’s persona, or to simply capture a moment of reality onto film. Yet every image you would see would have passed some process of manipulation, to make it appear the way it does. That’s why possibly the image would look that captivating, or grotesque
Of the many techniques of photographic manipulation, the macro mode is one such option in the camera, where one can zoom in entirely on a subject. The surroundings, backgrounds, and other subjects become dissipated, and the main character becomes the point at which your lens are focused on, in close up.
At a level, even the subject becomes less important, and you begin to see patterns, and textures.

My concept was to capture these very textures and juxtapose them with human patterns. Zooming into living and non living subjects, I tried to look of for some definite pattern, that is replicated somewhere in our daily lives.
Zoom in: phase 1
While clicking these images, ants became a rather interesting point of focus. The motion of ants, the various patterns they exist through is an interesting scene to capture.

Zoom out: phase 2                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     My idea was to juxtapose these images, with ones that would be clicked in the busy lanes of the Majestic Bus stand.These photographs would be captured from a high point framing the images in birds eye view. The images would reflect the commonalities in the patterns of movement and to a great extent, behavior, of the ants and the people.

Anees Mehkri

Existence in reality

March 12, 2010

Exploring connections between an instance of fear to the very “human” expression

Being considered from a third perspective, each photograph juxtaposes a certain nuance of reality to an overall unreal appearance that could appear to be real. Taking the example of elements that literally mix on a daily basis but still somehow appear to resist one another- who fears who, does one fear the other or do both fear each other or is the fear just a superficial unnecessary emotion that need not be a part of the relationship between these elements. 



January 22, 2010

Welcome one welcome all!

Are you as real as your real reality was when you thought you were irreal?

If so, Congratulations!  You have found your purpose in life in this blog!